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Q 9a5d6ec1d8-sec2 -
Arjun, travelling from Pune to Goa, covers distance of 1000 km at 4 km/hr and the return journey at 3 km/hr. What was his average speed daring his entire journey?
A. 3 km/hr *
B. 3.43 km/hr
C. 3.5 km/hr
D. 3.4 km/hr
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 1297eefbad-sec2 -
If the cost price of 12 books is equal to the selling price of 8 books, what is the gain percent?
A. 12%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 50%
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q c7fa37b282-sec2 -
A shopkeeper boys an induction cooker for Rs.2750 and sells it for Rs.2860. Find his profit percentage
A. 1%
B. 2%
C. 3%
D. 4%
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q 6818655edf-sec2 -
A purse contains Rs.455 in the form of Rs.1, Rs.2, and Rs.5 coins in the ratio of 2:4:5. What is the number of Rs.2 coins in the purse?
A. 26
B. 52
C. 55
D. 13
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 25c7964a68-sec2 -
Of the 5 numbers whose average is 72, the first is 1/8 times the sum of other 4. The first number is _______
A. 60
B. 26
C. 40
D. 80
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q c6eff22c34-sec2 -
Badki can bake 45 cakes in 9 hours, Badki and Chutki together can bake 80 cakes in 10 hours. How many cakes Chutki can bake in 40 hours?
A. 125
B. 10
C. 120
D. 2
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q 43ed52c145-sec2 -
A trader had 6 quintals of wheat. He sold a part of it at 7% profit and the rest at 17% profit, so that he made a total profit of 11%. How much wheat did he sell at 17% profit?
A. 360 kg
B. 240 kg
C. 120 kg
D. 480 kg
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q b84267e88c-sec2 -
A man walks 20 m towards north, then he turns right and walks 3 m, then turns left and walks 4 m and from there he walks 4 m towards east. How far and in which direction is he from his initial position?
A. 25 m east
B. 25 m north-east
C. 20 m north
D. 24 m north
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 6c2aa7b756-sec2 -
Five boys are sitting facing towards South. Raj is between Rohit and Vishal. Vishal is to the immediate right of Manoj and Manoj is to the immediate right of Shekhar. Who is sitting in the middle?
A. Vishal
B. Manoj
C. Raj
D. Shekhar
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 220cea1f3d-sec2 -
In the following question, two statements are given each followed by two conclusions I and II. You have to consider the statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given conclusions, if any, follows from the given statements.
I. Determination is the key to success. If a person determines to achieve a certain goal in his or her life, no one can stop him/her from achieving it.
II Prioritizing various determined goals is another important aspect of decision making.

I If I determine to achieve three goals in near future, my energy will get divided into three parts and I can never succeed
II Making a prior plan for achieving those three things I can get near to all my goals.
A. Only conclusion II follows
B. Conclusion I and II both follow
C. Neither I nor II follow
D. Only conclusion I follows
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

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