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For preparing a mixed fertilizer ,100 kg of ammonium sulphate and 125 kg of single super phosphate were mixed 25 kg of filler was added to this mixture .in terms of N-P2O5-K2O,the fertilizer grade of this mixture will be , a. 5-5-0 b. 5-10-0 c. 8-8-0 d. 10-10-0 29. There is a net increase in the mineralization of organic nitrogen in soil when  a. C:N ratio is 20 to 30:1 b. C:N ratio is below 20:1 c. C:N ratio is above 30:1 d. Nitrogen is taken up by the crop 27. In respect of a sugarcane crop to be grown in an acidic soil having high P-fixing capacity , the fertilizer of choice would be. a. Triple super phosphate  b. Finely ground rock phosphate  c. Coarse rock phosphate  d. Superphosphate 28. A soil with 20 me/100g CEC and 5 me/100g exchangeable H will have a base saturation of  a. 25.0% b. 75.0 % c. 80.0 % d. 133.3 %
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