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Famous Personalities | Page - 4 | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Q 93e17e -
Dr. M. S. Swaminathan has distinguished himself in which of the following fields?
A. Agriculture
B. Medicine
C. Astrophysics
D. Physics
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q a11a34 -
Ms. Vijaya Mehta has earned distinction in which of the field?
A. Theatre
B. Film Direction
C. Classical Dance
D. Journalism
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q a03af7 -
Who is well known collector of artefacts and curios?
A. Wadeyar
B. Salar Jung
C. Rabindra Nath Togore
D. Motilal Nehru
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q 156f39 -
Jamini Roy was a famous?
A. Producer
B. Painter
C. Dancer
D. Actor
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q c85750 -
Guru Gopi Krishna was a maestro of which of the following dance forma?
A. Kuchipudi
B. Kathak
C. Manipuri
D. Bahratanatyam
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 3f18b5 -
Amjad Ali Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments?
A. Sarod
B. Veena
C. Violin
D. Sitar
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q a3e247 -
Dr. Joon Lew of korea, the recipient of international Gandhi Award is known for his service in the?
A. Eradication of leprosy
B. Campaigning against AIDS
C. Against Drugs
D. Against child labour
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 540bf3 -
Which of the following was Satyajit Ray associated with?
A. Classical music
B. Commercial art
C. Film Direction
D. Classical dance
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q af1fa0 -
Professor Amartya Sen is famous in which of the fields?
A. Biochemistry
B. Electronics
C. Economics
D. Geology
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q 94fce3 -
Who among the following was an eminent painter?
A. Sarada Ukil
B. Uday Shanker
C. V. Shantaram
D. Meherally
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

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