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General Knowledge | Page - 11 | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Q cc3b3289db-sec2 -
In India, Department of Atomic Energy is in direct charge of __
A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Minister of Science and Technology
D. None of the above
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 9048bd4c34-sec2 -
Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana also known as “Saubhagya Scheme” was launched in the year
A. 2016
B. 2017
C. 2019
D. None of the above
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 9fc824a0f5-sec2 -
Which state has won the UN Award for Performance in Non-Communicable Diseases related SDGs
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Himachal Pradesh
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q a23ff1912d-sec2 -
Dean Jones, who passed away recently, is associated with which field
A. Politics
B. Cricket
C. Literature
D. Space Science
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q d65e106732-sec2 -
India signed a MoU with which country for Intellectual Property cooperation
A. Finland
B. Denmark
C. Australia
D. Japan
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 7ef2207854-sec2 -
JIMEX is a maritime exercise between which two nations
A. USA and UK
B. India and Japan
C. India and Jamaica
D. India and Russia
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 0d456c9632-sec2 -
Kulhudhufushi, that was seen in news recently, is located in which country
A. Sri Lanka
B. Nepal
C. Maldives
D. India
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q d499df543c-sec2 -
As per the recent CAG report, what is the Operating ratio (OR) of Railways in FY 19
A. 94.77 %
B. 96.77 %
C. 98.77 %
D. 101.77 %
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q 853e473129-sec2 -
Which Technology company is set to acquire US-based product design firm, Kaleidoscope Innovation
A. Infosys
B. Amazon
C. Accenture
D. Tata Consultancy Services
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 1361d41485-sec2 -
Which organization has developed solar-based water sprayers to be used in agricultural field
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

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