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History | Page - 10 | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Q f464337a48 -
A national religion called Din-i-Illahi was promulgated by?
A. Aurangazeb,
B. Babur,
C. Humayun,
D. Akbar
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q 3d39b3a3c4 -
ndia derives its name from?
A. Lord Indra,
B. The Hindus,
C. The river Indus,
D. The Aryans
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q ef3a7507da -
Rig veda is believed by the historians to have been written when it was?
A. Beginning of Iron Age,
B. Copper Age,
C. Stone Age,
D. Bronze Age
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q fbd8af0c1f -
Sea route to India was discovered by?
A. Vasco-da-gama,
B. Columbus,
C. 2⃣ Amundsen,
D. None of above
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q c5cd92c880 -
Which one of the following usages was a post?
A. Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha,
B. Brahmana-Kshatriya-Vaishya-Shudra,
C. Brahmacharya-Grihasthashrama-Vanaprastha-Sanyasa,
D. Indra-Surya-Rudra-Marut
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q a131e07dff -
Zero was invented by?
A. An unknown indian,
B. Varahamihira,
C. Aryabhatta,
D. Bhaskara
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 38921eb14f -
Who had founded the Indian Home Rule Society?
A. Madan Lal Dhingra
B. V D Savarkar
C. Lala Hardayal
D. Shyamji Krishna Varma
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q be30d75f36 -
In which year was the Indian Home Rule Society founded?
A. 1905
B. 1908
C. 1911
D. 1914
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q a08e87f0e8 -
Which great war was fought between the years 1914 and 1918?
A. The Battle of Tarain
B. The First World War
C. The Battle of Plassey
D. The Second World War
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 677704c85e -
Whom had the rebels of 1857 enthroned as the emperor/emperess of India?
A. Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi
B. Tantia Tope
C. Bahadur Shah Zafar
D. Faqir-ud-din
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

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