Biology | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Choose Part Part A

Q1 - What is a ‘transcriptome’
A. Words written on a grave
B. A slice of gene
C. Set of all messenger RNA molecules in one cell
D. A set of all molecules that make up a gene
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q2 - Zoonosis is related to
A. Diseases
B. Reproduction
C. Space
D. None of the above
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q3 - Gallinaceous domsticated fowl,bred and raised specifically for meat production is:
A. Rhode Island
B. Turkey
C. Broilers
D. Ducks
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q4 - Which one of the organisms mentioned below is a herbivore
A. Shark
B. Peacock
C. Frog
D. Mouse
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q5 - In the sea, plants are restricted up to the depth of_____
A. 1000 meters
B. 200 meters
C. 20 meters
D. 2000 meters
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q6 - One of the processes that involves the consumption of CO2 is:
A. Forest fires
B. Photosynthesis
C. Respiration
D. Combustion of substances
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q7 - Which of the following is a waterborne disease causing acute gastrointestinal infection?
A. Cholera
B. Rabies
C. Pneumonia
D. Leprosy
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q8 - Which of the following cell organelles is found in the plant cell but not in animal cell
A. Chloroplast
B. Endoplasmic Reticulum
C. Mitochondrion
D. Ribosome
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q9 - Balance of two gases is very important for all communities, these two gases are
A. nitrogen & oxygen
B. carbon dioxide and oxygen
C. argon & nitrogen
D. none of them
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q10 - Products of photosynthesis are oxygen and
A. Starch and Sucrose
B. Glucose
C. Starch
D. water
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

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