indian history | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Q ee4ef409b1-sec2 -
Who wrote Arthashastra
A. Kalhan
B. Visakhadatta
C. Bana Bhatta
D. Chanakya
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q ce1dbda60e-sec2 -
What is not true about Raja Ram Mohan Roy
A. He abolished sati system.
B. He founded Banaras Hindu University.
C. He founded Brahmo Samaj.
D. He was an advocate.
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 28550e8c20-sec2 -
Which Sufi saint propagated that devotional music was essential for being closer to God
A. Saikh Muinnuddin Chisti
B. Shekh Alam Bukhari
C. Syed Muhammad
D. Kwaja Fariddudin
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

Q 5fcd93432b-sec2 -
Which were the two cave paintings of Gupta Period
A. Ajanta and Bagh
B. Ajanta and Ellora
C. Lomas Rishi cave and Bagh
D. Ellora and Bagh
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q ef79f8aae9-sec2 -
Who said that, The President occupies the same position as the King in the British Constitution.
A. S. Radhakrishnan
B. Dr. BR Ambedkar
C. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D. V. V. Giri
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 6acdb0824f-sec2 -
Who was the ruler of Gujarat when Mahmud attacked Somnath Temple
A. Bhim Dev
B. Mula Raja
C. Siddha Raja
D. Kumar Pal
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 0d3813d69c-sec2 -
Which of the following is the mausoleum of Muhammad Adil Shah of the Adil Shahi dynasty
A. Gol Gumbaz
B. Juma Masjid
C. Taj Mahal
D. Qutub Minar
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q c5b9981c2b-sec2 -
Before Ashoka became Mauryan king, which province did he serve as governor
A. Taxila
B. Vaisal
C. Pataliputra
D. Ujjain
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q bee29e5157-sec2 -
Ajanta Paintings represent the scenes from:
A. Jatakas
B. Mahabharata
C. Ramayana
D. Upanisads
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q c6b76d727c-sec2 -
Which Gupta king contested the Huna according to Bhitari Pillar Inscription
A. Samudragupta
B. Chandragupta II
C. Chandragupta I
D. Skandagupta
Answer - D
Detail - No Details

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