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Important Multiple Choice Questions for NEET Exam 2020 Part 3

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 Important Multiple Choice Questions for NEET Exam 2020 Part 3

Q1. The hepatic portal vein drains blood to the liver from

(a) stomach

(b) heart

(c) intestine

(d) kidneys

Answer: (c)

Q2. Identify the incorrect statement

(a) occurs only in mammals

(b) occurs in all vertebrates

(c) is composed of systemic circulation

(d) is composed of pulmonary circulation

Answer: (b)

Q3. Blood pressure in the pulmonary artery is

(a) same as that in the aorta

(b) less than that in venae cavae

(c) more than that in the carotid

(d) more than that in the pulmonary vein

Answer: (d)

Q4. Blood pressure is maximum in mammalian aorta during

(a) diastole of the right ventricle

(b) systole of the left atrium

(c) diastole of the right atrium

(d) systole of the left ventricle

Answer: (d)

Q5. A patient admitted to the hospital with myocardial infarction is immediately administered with

(a) Streptokinase

(b) Statins

(c) Cyclosporin – A

(d) Penicillin

Answer: (a)

Q6. Oxygenated blood in the cardiac system

(a) leaves from right side of the heart

(b) leaves from left side of the heart

(c) enters lungs from heart

(d) does not leave the lungs

Answer: (b)

Q7. Lac operon is an example of

(a) only positive regulation

(b) only negative regulation

(c) both positive and negative regulation

(d) sometimes positive sometimes negative

Answer: (c)

Q8. Which of these acts as an inducer of lac operon is

(a) Allolactose

(b) Lactose

(c) Galactose

(d) Glucose

Answer: (a)

Q9.  Regulation of the lac operon can be envisioned as regulation of enzyme synthesis by its

(a) lactose

(b) substrate

(c) carbohydrates

(d) all of the above

Answer: (d)

Q10. Lac Operon will be turned on when

(a) Lactose is less than glucose

(b) Lactose is less in the medium

(c) Lactose in more than glucose

(d) Glucose is enough in the medium

Answer: (c)

Q11. This will be prevented if the activator fastens to the repressor

(a) Transcription

(b) Binding of the RNA polymerase to promoter

(c) Binding of the repressor to the operator

(d) Binding of the repressor to the promoter

Answer: (c)

Q12. In Lac-operon, the gene product of LacA gene is

(a) Beta-galactoside permease

(b) Beta-galactoside transacetylase

(c) Beta-galactosidase

(d) Beta-galactoside isomerase

Answer: (b)

Q13. This condition in lac operon facilitates the condition of lac genes being transcribed at high levels

(a) low glucose, high lactose

(b) low glucose, low lactose

(c) high glucose, high lactose

(d) high glucose, low lactose

Answer: (a)

Q14. Coenobium refers to

(a) a group of filaments

(b) Palmelloid form

(c) A hollow spherical colony

(d) None of these


Q15. Algae with motile colony is

(a) Nostoc

(b) Spirogyra

(c) Chlamydomonas

(d) Volvox


Q16. In Chlorophyta, structure for protein and starch reserve is

(a) Pyrenoid

(b) Eye spot

(c) Volutin

(d) Paramylum


Q17. Volvox belongs to which of the following classes of algae?

(a) Chlorophyceae

(b) Phaeophyceae

(c) Rhodophyceae

(d) Chrysophyceae


Q18. Sexual reproduction in Volvox is

(a) Isogamous

(b) Anisogamous

(c) Oogamous

(d) None of the above


Q19. Find the incorrect statement about Volvox

(a) Sexual reproduction is oogamous

(b) true coelom and no metamerism

(c) somatic cells are non flagellated

(d) phototaxis movement is present


Q20. The chlorophyll pigment present in Volvox are

(a) Chlorophyll a

(b) Chlorophyll b

(c) Chlorophyll e

(d) both (a) and (b)



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