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Benefits of Green cardamom that helps to clear kidney

2 years ago | 2 years ago | afrex

Benefits of Green cardamom that helps to clear kidney

Cardamom is used as a spice in Indian kitchen, it is known for its fragrance and taste; By using it, you can increase the taste of your food; It is also beneficial for the health of Hamir, in this Nutritional elements such as iron, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium are present in abundance, with the use of breathless deodorant as well as avoid the problem of anemia. Can have.

1- There are plenty of natural elements present in cardamom that help in digesting your food, it also provides relief from the problem of stomach upset and swelling. Due to the regular consumption of cardamom, problems like gas, stomach bad are cured. If you regularly consume two cardamoms before sleeping at night, then your digestion is correct.

2- If you want to keep your stomach always healthy then take a small piece of ginger for it, now make two to three cloves, one spoon coriander and 2 to 3 cardamom powder and make powder and eat it at night After this, take one teaspoon of water with it, regularly doing this removes all the problems related to digestion.

3- You can detoxify your body with cardamom intake, by consuming a cardamom regularly, all toxins themselves get out of the kidneys, which cause body detoxification.

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