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GK - World Largest, Biggest and Longest.

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GK - World Largest, Biggest and Longest.


The biggest Archipelago in world - Indonesia

The highest mountain peak in world - Mount Everest(8848 m)

The Biggest Ocean in world - Pacific ocean

The largest river in world - Amazon

The highest Volcano in world - Cotopaxi

The biggest planet in Solar system - Jupitor

The highest plateau in world - Pamir Highest airport located in world - Lhasa , Tibet

The highest waterfall in world - Angel ( Located in Venezuela)

The largest fresh water lake in world - Lake Superior

The longest canal in world - Suez canal.

The largest desert - Sahara

The largest city in world area wise - New York

The largest continent area wise - Asia

The largest delta in world - Sunderbans ( West-Bengal,India)

The largest beach in world - Virginia beach ( USA)

The largest gulf - Gulf of Mexico

The biggest Bay in world - Hudson bay

The biggest country in world - Russia

The longest river in the world - Nile

City in world has maximum population - Shanghai ( China )

The world biggest dam - Three Gorges dam, It is located on Yangtze river in China

The largest Salt water lake in world - Caspian sea

The biggest park in world - Yellow stone National park, located in USA

The longest Railway platform in world - Kharagpur

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