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25 Interesting General Knowledge Questions Part 1

2 years ago | 2 years ago | gknowledge


25 Interesting General Knowledge Questions Part 1
  • What is another name for the dog called a German shepherd Alsatian
  • Which species of bird is not native to the United States ring-necked pheasant
  • What is the largest animal hunted by the leopard Giraffe
  • Which group of birds migrates the farthest when measured by body length hummingbirds
  • What is a group of bats called - colony
  • How many baby kangaroos are usually born at a time to a single mother 1
  • In which bird species will a homosexual male pair “adopt” a female and raise offspring with her Greylag goose
  • Saltwater snails give birth to live snails. True or false False
  • How many breeds of dogs are there 400
  • Where would you find a tuatara New Zealand
  • Which animals is related to the ant wasp
  • What does the kangaroo excel in jumping
  • What is the largest species of bird taken by the peregrine falcon Sandhill crane
  • Which of these is not a relative of the wolf takhi
  • Snails and slugs are related. True or false True
  • How much of its body weight can a Nile crocodile eat Half
  • Male grouse and other birds aggregate and compete for the attention of females in groups known as what Leks
  • How many species of vipers are there 200
  • Why are many animals brightly colored to attract attention
  • In some parts of the world, mysterious deaths of which creatures threaten agriculture bees
  • Clams are kinds of mollusks called bivalves. True or false True
  • There are only about 15 species of snail. True or false False
  • The graylag, the bean, the brant, and the barnacle are all species of what bird Geese
  • In which country did pigeon racing begin as a sport Belgium
  • To which continent are cobras native Asia
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