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Informative question and answer on the basis on the current situation created by CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19)

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Informative question and answer on the basis on the current situation created by CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19)

On the basis on the current situation created by CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19)
This virus can be very dangerous if we don't follow the lockdown.

Question - Indian Goverment may increase or extend the lockdown?
Answer - No! at this time there is no plan to extend this lockdown is said by the indian government.

Question - This lockdown is only lockdown to control corona virus spread?
Answer - according to current situation due to corona virus, american government extend their lockdown to 30 April, and there is chance that this lockdown may be extended upto 6 month.

Question - Is any medicine available to treat corona virus at this time?
Answer - There is no medicine,treatment available to treat corona virus.

Question - How can we prevent corona virus spread?
Answer - answer is very simple, don't go outside and don't goto the place where people's gather to do marriage celebration or doing parties.

Question - Can we use malaria drugs to treat corona virus?
Answer - no, corona virus is diffrent from malaria so we cannot use malarial drugs in this.

Question - Corona Virus drug, treatment to be arrived within the year or not?
Answer - scientist , researchers, goverments officials of all over the world working on the corona virus drug, medicines,treatment but due to the different structure of the virus,there is no drug is developed at this time, but there is chance that drugs, medicines may be available in the end of 2021.

Question - how much we been to wait to do our main works?
Answer - according to the situation, If Goverment unban the lockdown, is not giving you permission to do groupings in any location.

Question - can we get back our person if he/she died with corona virus?
Answer - No,Only you get the information that is person is died, you or anyone from your family don't get the body of your person that is died by the corona virus.

Question - Can we plan for travelling with 50 peoples after this lockdown?
Answer - no, you can't because this virus spread fast largely in the group of persons and any government don't want to spread this virus anymore.

Question - How we can control and get safe from corona Virus?
Answer - Wash your hands,face within every one hour, take water and clean your nose and eyes.

Note - according to situation, This year to meeting with people and create groupings for marriage, parties,holidays etc is not allowed. This question and answer is fully based,on the current situation of Corona virus Pandemic.

This lockdown may further be extended with a new scheme.(According to current situation)
Grouping upto 5-10 people's is allowed with the written permission of the city authorities.

No Travelling in groups
No parties
No marriages
No holidays grouping

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