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1 year ago | afrex
Science never understand these mysteries which are consanguineous to Hinduism, must read
 We all know that in Hinduism, snake is given higher status after cow. Even today snakes are worshiped in the country Sheshnaag which is considered to be a 10-snake snake on which Lord Vishnu sit
1 year ago | afrex
The scientists tried hard to solve it but could not solve this mysteries
Many mysteries of nature are still unresolved. Scientists have removed the curtain from some mysteries, but some mysterious things of the world have not yet been removed. Let us know about some simila
1 year ago | afrex
Latest Hollywood Movies Trailers 2019 part 2
1 year ago | afrex
In Scandinavia, Ancient Chewing Gum over 10,000 Year Old Human DNA Found
This is the oldest take of fallible DNA ever observed in the location. Ancient chewing gum dating position to the Ice Age has led to the effort of the oldest frail DNA e'er saved in Peninsula.
1 year ago | 1 year ago | afrex
Special article on the birthday of Omar Khayyam 18 May 1048
एक गणितज्ञ के रूप में, खय्याम को घन समीकरणों के वर्गीकरण और समाधान पर उनके क
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