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Q b8843d7152-sec2 -
The Chilika Lake is located in?
A. West Bengal
B. Odisha
C. Kerala
D. Tamil Nadu
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q da7a971d54-sec2 -
Which mountain range separates the Indo-Gangetic plain from the Deccan Plateau?
A. The Aravalli
B. The Vindhyas
C. The Satpura
D. The Sahyadri
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q 2319dabb5c-sec2 -
Which State shares its international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar?
A. Assam
B. Meghalaya
C. Tripura
D. Mizoram
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q befc4b20af-sec2 -
Which Indian State is connected to Sri Lanka by the The Palk Strait?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 9a8dfc466d-sec2 -
In which city the Yamuna river merging with the River Ganga?
A. Vanarasi
B. Allahabad
C. Delhi
D. Lucknow
Answer - B
Detail - No Details

Q 0ae48f112d-sec2 -
The Yarlung Tsangpo River in India is also known as?
A. Ganga
B. Indus
C. Brahmaputra
D. None of the above
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q 8ba666b19b-sec2 -
The hill station Ooty is located in which mountain?
A. Nilgiri
B. Western Ghat
C. Himalaya
D. None of the above
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

Q 7852e880bf-sec2 -
Which one is the highest mountain peak of Western Ghats?
A. Meesapulimala
B. Doddabetta
C. Anamudi
D. Kolaribetta
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q ac7e8e1d8b-sec2 -
Which one state share its boundary with Myanmar?
A. Assam
B. Meghalya
C. Mizoram
D. Sikkim
Answer - C
Detail - No Details

Q d5176ab625-sec2 -
Which one National Park found in Bihar?
A. Valmiki National Park
B. Manas National Park
C. Namdapha National Park
D. Vansda National Park
Answer - A
Detail - No Details

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